The Long Island Paddlers, Inc.


  • Welcome Packet: Every new member gets a packet of information on safe kayaking, how to choose a kayak, what additional equipment is needed, and a membership directory. A collection of put-in locations is available to all members.
  • Skills Days: Skills days provide an informal opportunity to learn and practice skills with other members. Three skills' days are held each year with at least one being in a heated indoor pool. All members are invited to participate, watch, or both. As a member, we hope you will become aware of the skills and equipment necessary to make you a safer, more proficient paddler.
  • Group Paddling Trips: There are weekly pre-arranged organized group paddles coordinated by experienced members. These may include overnight outings here on Long Island, upstate New York, or out of state.
  • Short Notice Paddles: Members announce by e-mail informal group paddles a few days in advance.
  • Monthly Meetings: Year-round organized meetings conveniently located in central Long Island. Discussion includes trips, events, and club business. Our programs center around kayak safety, far away trips, and new trends in the paddle world. Every meeting ends in a time to socialize and share refreshments.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: A quarterly mini-magazine containing timely articles, photos and a list of future events, written and photographed by our own members. Back issues are available.
  • Social Events: Several times during the year, club members get together for catered picnics, a catered holiday party, and other informal activities such as bowling.
  • Library: The club maintains an extensive collection of DVD's and books available at every monthly meeting.
  • Classified Page: Our website features a classified section where members can buy and sell kayaks and related items.
  • Buddy Program: New kayakers can volunteer to be paired with more experienced club members who paddle with them and share the joy of the sport.

Not a member? Become one now by visiting our membership application page here.