The Long Island Paddlers, Inc.


Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at the Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library from 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. Located at : 1 South Country Road, Brightwaters, NY 11718  (Click here for Directions)

As always, refreshments are served after the meeting

Next Meeting:

Rich Brand: Captured Heartbeats
When: August 16, 2016, 7:00pm
Where: Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library

This expedition was introduced to Rich Brand by a harbormaster in Prescott, WI. while on the Mississippi River adventure. He was told of a route that was about 5000 miles, but mainly powerboats and sailboats accomplished it. He thought about it for a second and thought, "Why could I not do it in a kayak?" He had no idea at the time how close kayaking would bring me to communities, cultures, wildlife, and people.

Prior to getting ready for this expedition, Rich kayaked from Seattle to San Diego in the summer of 2015. Once he finishes with this expedition, he will have had the fortune to see this country in a way so very few ever have, or ever will. The Pacific Ocean taught him many valuable lessons. It introduced him to the beauty of the colorful coastline communities and to majestic nature and wildlife. He developed the skill sets that will make this expedition a success.

In the process of kayaking the Mississippi River and down the Pacific Ocean, Rich began to find a value in my experiences. He began to find what was possible, and his goal became to begin conversations with school-aged kids. These talks include a big message about following your passion and chasing your dreams. He has always known that you have a lot more ground to stand on by actually walking the walk versus talking the talk. He wants to make a strong statement by doing this expedition.

Additional Meeting dates:

Inside: One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage
When: September 12, 2016, 7:00pm
Where: Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library

—A journey of the sea and soul—

THE STORY of a physical and emotional journey through an alluring, perilous, and healing seascape. AN ADVENTURE along the coast of western North America that took the author deep within herself, humbling her, reminding her that she had much to learn as she confronted fear, solitude, exhaustion—and crushing sadness. So much of Inside is about acceptance and gratitude, triumph and tragedy.

In spring 2010, with her world scaled down to an 18-foot sea kayak and the 1,200-mile ribbon of water known as the Inside Passage, Susan Conrad launched a journey of the sea and soul that took her both north to Alaska and inward, as she discovered the depths of her own strength and courage. She paddled marathon distances for weeks on end, forged friendships with quirky people in the strangest of places, and pretended not to be intimidated by 700-pound grizzly bears and 40-ton whales.

She lived her dream.

Inside: One Woman’s Journey through the Inside Passage is a singular epic. It is a brave story. One of personal triumph, of heart break, terrifying challenges, soulful introspection and sheer joy. It is also a moving story about the power of friendship. Her words flow off the pages carrying the reader along on the current of her adventure. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about real adventure, personal challenge and experience, through her evocative writing,the wonders and beauty of the Inside Passage.

—Milbry Polk, co-author Women of Discovery and Founder, Wings WorldQuest—

Susan Conrad writes of the things that make solo sea kayaking challenging, rewarding and life changing. The tides are not always in her favor and the crossings are not all sun drenched and paddled with ease or certainty. At times her fatigue is as palpable as the taste of salt from tears or sea spray or both. When Susan reaches her goal, the reader will understand there is so much more to a solo endeavor than the physical act of paddling 1,100 miles.

—Chris Duff, expedition paddler, author of On Celtic Tides and Southern Exposure—

It’s not often that a person possessing the ability to sea kayak the Inside Passage solo is also capable of putting into words the extraordinary mental, physical, and emotional challenges faced daily on this incredible journey. Susan Conrad is one of those people. By skillfully blending sometimes painful memories of her life's trials and tribulations, with stories of the hardships and accomplishments she faced on her 1,100 mile kayaking adventure, she reveals valuable lessons for every outdoor lover seeking to find balance between themselves and nature. The life changing decisions, impassioned frustration, numbing exhaustion, and internal obstacles that we all face on our life's journey are eloquently mirrored here in one woman's Northwest Pacific Coast odyssey.

—Denis Dwyer, expedition paddler, author of Alone in the Passage: An Explorers Guide to Sea Kayaking the Inside Passage—