The Long Island Paddlers, Inc.


Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at the Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library from 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. Located at : 1 South Country Road, Brightwaters, NY 11718  (Click here for Directions)

As always, refreshments are served after the meeting

Next Meeting:

The Dangers of Paddling in Cold Water
When: April 21, 2015, 7:00pm
Where: Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library

Ken Doxsey and a member of the United States Coast Guard will discuss the dangers of cold water paddling and the need to prepare to swim.

1 - The first phase of cold water immersion is called the cold water shock. Data shows that roughly 20 percent die in the first minute. They breath in ice cold water in that first uncontrolled gasp, panic and drown, plain and simple. In some, the cold shock triggers a heart attack. Surviving this stage requires you to stay calm and get your breathing under control.

10 - The second phase is cold water incapacitation. Over approximately the next 10 minutes you will lose the effective use of your fingers, arms and legs for any meaningful movement. Concentrate on self-rescue initially. Swim failure will occur within these critical minutes and if you are in the water without a life jacket, drowning will likely occur.

1 - It takes anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes, one hour before hypothermia sets in you lose consciousness. Without a PFD, a life jacket, you would drown much sooner.

Experienced winter kayakers dress to swim - life jackets, drysuits, neoprene hoods and gloves keep them warm and safe.

Additional Meeting dates:

Meet the New Peconic Bay Keeper
When: May 19, 2015, 7:00pm
Where: Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library

The Peconic Bay is the parent name for two bays between the North Fork and South Fork of Long Island in the U.S. state of New York. It is separated from Gardiners Bay by Shelter Island.

Peconic Bay is divided by Robins Island into the Great Peconic Bay on the west and Little Peconic Bay. Great Peconic is a shallow bay, less than 30 feet (9 m), while Little Peconic can have depths over 80 feet (25 m). The west end of Great Peconic Bay is also called Flanders Bay. The Shinnecock Canal provides access from the Great Peconic Bay to Shinnecock Bay. The two Peconic Bays are often collectively referred to as "the Peconics".

Brady Wilkins was recently hired as the new Peconic Bay Keeper. Come to our meeting to find out what he is planning to make the Peconic Bay cleaner than what it is now. And find out how you can volunteer to help.

Water Birds of Long Island
When: June 16, 2015, 7:00pm
Where: Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library

Born and raised on Long Island (New York), Chris Paparo has been exploring the wilds of the island for over 30 years. As a wildlife photographer, writer and lecturer, he enjoys bringing public awareness to the diverse wildlife that calls the island home. His passion for coastal ecology, fishing and the outdoors led him to obtain a BS in Marine Science from LIU/Southampton and currently manages the new Marine Sciences Center at the Southampton campus of Stony Brook University.
In addition to freelance writing for several fishing and wildlife related publications, Paparo currently writes the monthly Naturalist’s Logbook column for the NY/NJ edition of On The Water Magazine. Although his work tends to focus on marine life, everything in the natural world is fair game.

Join us to discover the diverse birds of Long Island found on the water, along the shore, and in the air above the water throughout the changing seasons.

Motors for Your Kayak
When: July 21, 2015, 7:00pm
Where: Bay Shore/Brightwaters Public Library

Meet Jim Burke, the inventor of the Skimmer Motor. Their goal at Watercraft Technologies is to provide paddlers of kayaks and canoes an option of adding a rear mounted, battery operated trolling motor to their craft, to be used when needed or desired.

Their kayaking engineers have designed and patented a simple and inexpensive mounting kit, motor, control box, steering system, and lifting system and tested it extensively in salt and fresh water.?

?The Skimmer is a complete kit, easy to install, simple in design, and easy on the wallet