The Long Island Paddlers, Inc.


The Long Island Paddlers website has been designed and developed by Frank Durante.  A devoted member of the Long Island Paddlers.

A Note From Frank Durante
I have two passions... Kayaking everywhere I can... And developing programs for computers & mobile devices.  With that, I felt my skills are best utilized by building this website to enrich the local community and myself.  A win-win for us all.  Bridging the gap of a non-technical, down to earth, leisure sport/activity, with the world wide web harmoniously.  I hope you enjoy this website and what the club has to offer through it.  If you aren't a member yet, consider joining our club as it is here to make our lives just that much more enjoyable.  Come join us and get your feet wet.  Happy Paddling!

Frank Durante
LIP Website Developer/Coordinator