The Long Island Paddlers, Inc.


LIPADDLERS.ORG is your online portal to securely, and privately, browse through all functions and services offered to the members of the Long Island Paddlers.

We recognize your concern regarding what actions are taken when information is obtained from you.  This document explains what we do with the information we collect and how we protect it.

Information collected during your browsing experiece
During your browsing experiece at LIPADDLERS.ORG, we collect and store information about your browsing experience.  What we collect during the browsing period is the following: Your IP address, time and days visited here, webpages you have visited on our website, and web browser application you are using.  The purpose of collecting this data is so that we can analyze site performance, patterns of interest, troubleshooting, and such.

Do we share information?
No.  We do not share any collected data whatsoever.  All collected data is kept confidential.

E-mail address
Occassionaly we send out, via e-mail, newsletters and notices to our online members.   At any time, you may configure your account to receive, or not receive, e-mail notifications from LIPADDLERS.ORG.  Simply login to LIPADDLERS.ORG and and go to your Account Profile page where you can select YES or NO to these options.

All sensitive data is kept encrypted and monitored daily.  We monitor all aspects of the LIPADDLERS.ORG infrastructure.  This includes: logins, browsing, data integrity, log analysis, and other functions and transactions performed on our systems.

The policies described above only apply to the LIPADDLERS.ORG website