The Long Island Paddlers, Inc.


The following Contact List consists of all departments and board members.
Feel free to contact us using the online form by clicking on a board member or department.
Or send us a letter via Post Office at: Long Island Paddlers, P.O. Box 115, West Sayville, NY 11796

President - General club business.
Past President - General club business.
Vice President - General club business.
Treasurer - Issues pertaining to dues, advertising fees, treasury.
Secretary - General club business, meeting records, correspondence.
Members-at-Large - General club business
Membership Director - Membership information and updates member records.
Website Changes - Anything regarding the website.
Newsletter Editor - Newsletter article submissions and letters to the editor.
Program Director- Correspondence about proposed or upcoming programs.
Club Librarian - Correspondence related to club library holdings.
Training & Safety Coordinator - arranges our Skills Days throughout the year.
Conservation Director - Conservation issues, activism, and river cleanups.
Special Events - Picnics and other special social events.
Refreshment Director - Organizes meeting refreshment volunteers & supplies.
Publicity Director - Coordinates our information table at various public events.
Bylaws - Questions and suggestions regarding club bylaws.
Trip Directors - Questions and notification about upcoming trips.
Buddy Program Coordinator - Matches new paddlers w/ experienced paddlers.
Club Store Manager - Maintains inventory of club wares (Shirts, Hats, Books, etc...)

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